1. The School  was  established  On  May  3,  1949
  2. The  Senior  Agriculture  Department  was established in  1955.
  3. The  school  was  re-named  as  Taipei  Municipal  Vocational  Agricultural  Senior  High  School  in  Oct.  1955.
  4. The  Junior  Agriculture  Department  was  abolished  in  1959.
  5. The  Junior  High  School  was  set  up  in  1961,  mainly  to  recruit  girl  students.
  6. The  school  was  re-named  again  as  Taipei  Municipal Vocational  Industrial-Agricultural  Senior  High  School  in  1964.
  7. Taipei  City  was  promoted  to  become  a municipality  under the  direct  jurisdiction  of  the   Central  Government  in  July,1967. The  school  was  renamed  as  Taipei  Municipal  Hoping  Senior  High  School.
  8. In  1981, the school  was  re-named with inserting the district name as  Taipei  Municipal  Sung-Shan  Vocational  Industrial-Agricultural  Senior  High  School.
  9. In  2003, the school  was  re-named again as Songshan  High  School   of  Agricultural  and  Industry.